Project Race Car WTAC Civic is the plan for a journey to World Time Attack Challenge thanks to our friends at Bosch Motorsport Australia. Purchasing a EK Civic from Tasmania (of all places), we will be making upgrades to the car including installing a national level roll cage, engine swap, tuning and development of wheels/tyre combo to try and get the most out of the car, while staying within a relatively modest budget.

Join the adventure as we try and make our little civic a potent track weapon.

Project Race Car is proudly brought to you thanks to the support of Bosch Motorsport Australia. If you’d like to know more about their products, or technical know how that can get you faster on track, head to their website HERE.
EPISODE 1: In this episode we travel to Melbourne to collect the EK Civic and then give it its’ first track day in our ownership with a run at SMSP with the NSW SuperSprint Championship.
EPISODE 2: In episode 2 we decide to make a few changes to the car ahead of a second track day at Wakefield Park. Unfortunately, Dan didn’t do his research as well as he thought and ordered parts that didn’t fit the Civic. So, we ran the car anyway before beginning the strip down process.